Today, the world is run by what we call, “A Techonomy”- or an economy based entirely on technology. Every industry, every market and every service is infused with technological advances. When it is entirely taking over your lives for the better, we suggest you not leave your home behind too!

As leaders in the Fenestration Solutions industry, Deltra Global, has always been a brand that keeps innovation and client satisfaction at the core of its products and services. Our technical collaborations with TOSTEM, ALUPLAST, and KOHLER are testament to our forward thinking vision and relentless hustle at upgrading your lifestyle. 

While today shows so much promise with us providing a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure comfortable homes for everybody through advanced technologies, we are always on the lookout for advanced and modern technologies for Windows & Doors. 


Did you know that in the Global Market today, there are windows that can change from transparent to opaque with the touch of a button are being developed for homes? In fact, another research wing is working on a transitioning technology of its own. This one works without electricity and intuitively transitions from clear to dark with a glass temperature change. While it might take some time for such innovations to seep into India, we need to evaluate the benefits of emerging technologies. For example, such a window would ensure total privacy and also significantly decrease heating and cooling costs inside your homes to make it more environment friendly. 

 Advanced and Modern Technologies for Windows & Doors

At Deltra, we partnered with Aluplast and introduced innovations to the market that were eco-friendly as well. Most of our advanced and modern technologies have driven new momentum to the industry which over the years has turned the company into an innovator.

Similarly, in our collaboration with TOSTEM, we brought to our clients- GRANTS which is from their flagship series. This series is replete with innovative design and it results in a larger surface area of glass for panoramic views. This takes the standard of aluminium windows and doors to another level which helps us up the game at melding advanced technologies and our trustworthy installations. 

Another feature that modern technology is obsessing over is maintenance free windows. While the installations at Deltra require little to no maintenance, we have always welcomed solutions to make houses more comfortable and convenient. In fact, we recently heard that robotic window cleaners have been introduced into the main-stream global market as a time-saving option, especially for hard-to-reach areas.

While we envision such AI based and SMART technology options infusing our products and services soon, we need to appreciate the innovation of such ideas. Using motor-powered suction, these automated machines clean from edge to edge, inside and out making them a real blessing for homeowners.

Final Words:

All these new advanced and modern technologies for Windows & Doors are designed to make life easier and keep up with the evolving times. But like anything that’s just introduced, there will be extra costs and a learning curve to figure out what works best. Our thinktank st Deltra is constantly scouting and integrating the world’s newest technologies into our catalogue.

Presently we have the best European and Japanese innovations and these are just a few of the unbelievable window innovations being developed. There will be more to follow in the not-so-distant future and if you’ve stayed with us this far, we will make sure you hear of it!

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