Apart from the design and aesthetic brilliance that good installations bring to a home, they need to also boost the safety and functionality of the same. Most spaces are occupied by families for whom the security of their homes plays the greatest role. Since windows and doors act as a gateway to the outside world, they need to be effective in their role as defendants from any harsh influences that may enter into the home. 

Hazards are everywhere in a home. Even windows and doors can be a problem. But reliable protection that quality installations bring can overcome this problem. At Deltra Global, we have served a large clientele that includes families with elders, childrens and pets even. The safety measures of our installations have been vouched for greatly by one and all. Pooling together our learnings and experiences in the industry, we have put together a list of Windows and Doors safety precautions for 2021.

Safety Precautions for Windows and Doors

  • Windows are a popular entry point for thieves or burglars. Thus, ‘window safety’ must also cater to mechanical theft protection. Windows in 2021 must be designed to make breaking in from the outside more difficult or impossible. 
  • The risk with Automatic opening or closing windows is that they may jam or crush one’s limbs causing impact to their functioning in case of any mishandling. This can cause serious injuries to families and users of a space. This must be avoided with features like soft close, door stoppers and curved hinges.
  • Component failure such as a window leaf falling or collapsing is another danger that is associated with fenestration solutions. This needs to be tackled by ensuring that the safety standards are met during installation and thorough inspections are conducted from time to time.
  • People may want to leave their windows open to invite sunshine or cool breeze. In these cases, it is important to have interior locks on the window. Windows in 2021 must-have security latches at two different levels to allow for the window to stay open for ventilation in a safe way. 
  • Glass doors and glass inlays on doors are aesthetic to look at but could also pose a danger if hit or in case of a break-in. In 2021, you can try replacing the glass with tempered glass or finding a door with fiberglass inlays to decrease the dangers of broken glass. We would go one step further and ask you to have doors of a solid material to avoid the entire possibility of entering through force. 

Final Words:

Home safety ranges from fire safety to child safety and everything in-between. Having an unsafe part in your home, like poorly installed windows and doors, disrupts that safe space. By following the above window and door safety precautions for 2021 you will be creating a safe haven that is not just tasteful but also secure!

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