Every window and door of our houses need to be maintained in a guided way to remain strong 24/7 and do their part for which they have been installed for. Like every other product in the house windows and doors do have their own mechanism which might be disrupted if not maintained periodically.

One might neglect the importance of windows and doors as it does not need as much attention as other products. But with just minimum maintenance, our windows and doors can outperform when compared to other household products.

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Are you thinking that there are any maintenance tips that can make our windows and doors stay new as always? Yes, there is. Lets us find out one by one.

Here are the Top 4 Windows And Doors Maintenance Tips


#1 Periodic inspection

In every house and office or any other place, a periodic inspection must be a part of their work which has to be carried out at least thrice a year. This practice helps us to discover the cracks or breaks at an early stage. Make sure to look for any leaks and damages caused due to wind or rain.

#2 Caulking around windows and doors

Caulking is nothing but waterproof filler that is used in the edges of the windows and doors to avoid water coming in the rainy season. This is very important as it can wreck the entire wall or an area through moisture with the tiniest damage.

We apply silicone for the prevention of water ingress and for better results simple touch-up of another layer of the silicone will suffice. Our windows also come with drainage slots at times, these slots get clogged, and hence periodical cleaning of these slots enhances the water drainage mechanism.

#3 Cleaning and lubricate

Keeping the windows and doors neat and tidy would enhance the durability for a long period of time. If not, the dust particles can leave scratches on the window and door glasses.

Simple usage of cleaning solutions like Colin is enough to clean both the window frames and glass. As lubrication is not used in our windows, all we need to do is vacuum the window’s outer frames/sliding tracks to avoid dust accumulating in the rollers fixed in the sliding windows /doors.

#4 Extra precautions (If lived near the ocean)

The salt content in the ocean water may rise and mix with air and can result in corrosion when it comes in contact with windows and doors made of metals, woods, glass, etc. Hence, an inspection of windows is a must to do. Other than that, vacuuming and cleaning with Colin are the most effective means.

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Considering all the points, we can conclude that there are numerous ways to protect our windows and doors, and we assure you that the above-mentioned steps can make your windows and doors stay healthy and corrosion-free for a long period of time.