Windows and Doors are the conventional staples of the interiors of any house. They are the modes of interaction with the external world and are crucial to the functionality of the space. However, windows and doors are at their functional best when they come with an effective set of accessories. There are many kinds of accessories that they can have- these range from fittings, glasses, handles, ventilators, covers and nets. All of these additions make your installation efficient and sustainable in the long run.


At Deltra Global, we aim at maximising user convenience and help our clients elevate their lifestyle suitably. To further stride-on in this endeavour of ours, this article is our attempt to introduce accessories for windows and doors- 

  • Accessories and Fenestration Hardware are vital not just to execute a certain aesthetic look but also to ensure smooth operation and longer usage periods
  • These come in various styles ranging from conventional to contemporary while always maintaining the minimum functionality and code requirements.
  • The basic yet necessary hardware accessories include- hinges, locks, hooks, extrusions, fasteners, number plates and handles. These may differ in fittings and elements from brand to brand. 
  • Some Door Specific Accessories are- deadbolts, door knobs, door seals, levers and hinges, doorbells, latches and chimes, closers and stoppers, push-pull plated. 
  • Some Window Specific Accessories are- Stays, Meshes, Frames. Handles, Latch Mechanisms and Window Adjusters. 

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Although the market is flooded with various kinds of accessories, few choices are more in demand than the others. For instance- 

  • Windows and Door Locks are the most sought after accessories in-home installation. The whole spectrum of traditional or antique locks to smart locks ( like OMI locks at Deltra) are equally preferred. While their primary function is to exponentially increase the safety and security of the installation, they also happen to have design benefits.
  • Blinds and Meshes do not just safeguard potential intruders but also compliment house design and provide a rustic charm to the area. They are available in many styles and sizes so as to not tamper with the unobstructed views and ventilation present. 

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There are also some frequently asked questions that every homeowner must discuss with their fenestration solutions provider regarding window and door accessories. These include- 

  1. Do the accessories meet the basic security requirement?
  2. Are the accessories quality fittings and budget-friendly?
  3. Do they meet the expected corrosion resistance for the Indian climate?
  4. Do the accessories fit into pre-existing profiles without additional machinery?
  5. Are the acceptable standards of local technical support, replacement support, loss prevention and emergency egress met?
  6. Do the products come in different variants, sizes and colours?
  7. Can the accessories be installed on the type of window present- UPVC, Timber, Aluminium?

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