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Deltra Global is a leading fenestrations solutions provider in Hyderabad and Bangalore. As an extremely customer-oriented company, we at Deltra are managed by a team that has over 15 years of UPVC industry experience. Before we move forward, We would recommend you to check out this free video on choosing the best quality Windows and Doors solution by clicking on this link : Click here To Watch The Video

Ever wondered how a window or door is installed?

Let us tell you how-

4 Steps of Windows and Doors Installation

1. Picking your requirements and an installer

Some important considerations to make in this process are- General Requirements, Strength and Performance, Security Considerations, Safety Considerations, Planning Considerations and Budgets. Choosing the right installer is a huge decision since you are trusting them with your space and shelling out quite a bit of money. It always helps to do your research on what kind of material you want your door or window to be, and what styles you wish to adopt. We at Deltra also assist our clients with this research.

2. Home Visit and Quote

A good installer will provide you with information about your options, and help you find the best solution for your needs and budget. They will also visit the space to take required measurements and do an essential survey of the home. The installer will also perform a risk assessment. For instance, when installing in some areas at height, they may decide scaffolding will be required to ensure the safety of the fitters, as well as anyone around the property.

3. The main installation

This is the most important process. The team that attends to this will be carefully selected to ensure that their workmanship is up to exacting standards, and this is monitored regularly through site visits and customer feedback. This team will inspect each unit as it is off-loaded and installed and any potential issues will be catered to prior to hand-over. The technical team meanwhile will be available for all queries and any drawings that are requested by the client.  

The installation team will look into the following matters sternly—

  • The provision of a weather proof solution
  • Maximising natural light and ventilation;
  • Design for safety in use
  • Means of escape in case of fire
  • Security against brute force or unauthorised entry
  • Design for safety when cleaning and ease of the same
  • Maintenance
  • Fuss free, clean and timely installation 

4. Maintenance and Support

A good installer is like a friend you make for life. Someone who will assist you on the maintenance and upkeep of your installation. We at Deltra take pride in our relationship with all our clients. We look for constant feedback and help them care for their home in the best way possible.

We would urge you to check out this free video on choosing the best quality Windows and Doors solutions by clicking on this link :

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