Every homeowner wants to make sure that each fitting in their space is of excellent quality, which is why aluminium windows and doors are so popular in India. Aluminium windows and doors have slowly crept their way into contemporary designs and modern choices of today’s architects. However, did you know some of the benefits which come with them? Deltra Global, being one of the best Aluminium Windows and Doors manufacturers in Hyderabad, gives you a peek into the top Reasons to choose Aluminium Windows and Doors.

Top 5 Reasons to choose Aluminium Windows and Doors


1. High Strength 

This is the top reason to choose Aluminium Windows and Doors. Aluminium in itself is a material that has a relatively high strength to weight ratio which implies that your windows will be hard to physically damage or dent. It is a low density metal which is light, malleable and easy to work with. This has ensured that manufacturers are able to produce solid window frames using aluminium. 

2. Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is hardly a worry for homeowners with aluminium windows or doors in hyderabad. At Deltra, the aluminium windows and doors are termite-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and have good insulation against noise, dust, wind, heat and pollution. Aluminium is used in nearly 75% of home installations. It also has a 9:1 share over uPVC which indicates its popularity and convenience.

3. Style and Aesthetics 

Aluminium is a really flexible material, coming in literally hundreds of colours, dual shades and finishes. These doors and windows have a stark metallic appearance which does not dull with time. They come with anodized finish, and hence do not get affected by sunlight or external environmental factors thus making them durable. Liquid finish varieties have a silicone layer of colour which is not just visually pleasing but also a protection for your installation. Deltra Global uses the Japanese technology based TOSTEM windows which are gloss tested and highly scratch resistant for upto 40 years.

4. Energy Efficiency

The benefits of aluminum-based fenestrations are many. However, even with these, not compromising on energy efficiency is extremely important. Another top reason to choose Aluminium Windows and Doors is also that it is a conscious choice. Our TOSTEM windows have a single laminated solar glass which not just reduces noise and heat gain but also makes the windows highly energy efficient.

5. Security and overall convenience

As one of the strongest materials for windows and doors, aluminium also comes with reliable safety and security features. The robustness of aluminium offers superior strength to withstand attacks. Additionally, there are no gaps when the windows are installed which keeps the water out. An insect screen can also be provided with the windows thus amplifying client comfort and convenience. A top reason to choose Aluminium windows and doors is that it avoids the risk of burglary because of its extreme stability and resistance to deformation of the installation material.

Final Words:

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