Windows have always fascinated us in many ways. In the matter of views, sunshine in the morning, a cool breeze in your room – the list goes on. Windows are a small escape room into nature in this busy life of ours.

To enjoy what it can provide, we must be able to choose the right windows to our beautiful homes that can make memories for a longer time period.

Aluminum and UPVC are the two main materials of which windows are also being manufactured. Because of their unique features, they assure the constructor peace of mind in terms of security, strength, and durability.

Are you wondering what to choose for your dream house? Don’t worry, here below we have differentiated both the materials under various factors which might help you make the right decision.

UPVC Windows vs Aluminium Windows


#1 Strength

Due to its unique material combination, aluminum is considered one of the strongest metals in nature. It can withstand the high pressure of the glasses. For the installation of glasses, it also provides very thin aluminum sections without compromising the strength.

UPVC on the other hand is also strong and durable. Though it provides high-strength UPVC windows are lightweight materials. Easy to install and long-lasting.

#2 Maintenance

Aluminum windows are coated with a durable powder (electrolysis) which helps them to look attractive and dust-free. Aluminum windows do not crack and break easily compared to other materials. Due to high winds, the hardware can be loosened, hence a periodic check is advisable.

UPVC is easy to maintain as it has a built-in rain track that does not allow water to seep inside. A clean wipe on the windows is enough to maintain the windows for a longer period.

#3 Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum is a highly corrosion-resistant material. Due to the coating of paint or anodizing treatment aluminum is safe from corrosion.

The plastic material in the UPVC window does not allow corrosion to affect its strength and ductility. UPVC not only resists corrosion but also other various acids.

#4 Cost

As far as the costs are concerned, aluminum windows are quite cost-consuming compared to other materials, as their manufacturing cost is a bit high. However, in the long term, it has proven to be cost-effective.

Compared to aluminum UPVC is less cost-consuming. It is a lightweight material and easy to install. Also to get the bast contact Deltra Global.

#5 Security

There is no doubt that aluminum is the strongest material for windows. As the material is quite flexible, it can fit perfectly in the buildings.

UPVC windows are also quite strong and provide the required strength. One of the unique features of UPVC windows is that multipoint locks can be installed easily – which provide high security to the structure.


Both the materials, aluminum, and UPVC windows have their own special properties through which each of them are identified.

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