India lies in the tropical region and can become one of the hottest countries in the world during the year. In this period of time staying indoors is quite advisable everywhere due to high UV radiations.

The UV (ultraviolet) rays present in the sunlight is a form of electromagnetic radiation that can harm us causing a serious effect on our bodies. But we do wonder, does staying indoors can save us from UV rays? Rays coming through windows can harm us too.

We at Deltra Global are here to help you out. UPVC windows for UV Protection manufactured by us have a special layer that protects you and your loved ones from UV rays at all times. For more details visit us at come on, let’s know more about UPVC windows and their benefits

What are UPVC windows?

UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is a low-maintenance material used for windows or doors as a substitute for wood or metal with an easy installation process.

Benefits of UPVC windows

UPVC windows are water-resistant, fire-resistant, season weather resistant and the unique structure of the frame does not allow the water to enter the house during monsoon season. A special layer of UV resistant is applied to the windows too.

Due to their unique plastic material, these windows are corrosion resistant too. UPVC mainly helps your home to remain new because of its UV-resistant layer which is the main reason windows’ colors don’t fade away.

Unlike other materials, UPVC windows in hyderabad are strong and durable. It does not break due to excess heat or high UV rays. Having a tough fiber material can sustain a high heat environment.

These windows do not let dangerous rays like UV or any other to enter the house nor let the heat escape from the house in winter. Thus making sure to keep us safe at all times.

In terms of safety and quality, we can always rely on Deltra Global. We at Deltra global aim for customers’ safety and satisfaction by manufacturing the best quality UPVC with UV-resistant windows in the whole country.

Other benefits of UPVC windows for UV Protection


One need not worry about closing the curtains of the windows fearing UV rays in the daylight. UPVC windows are safe and do not let the rays enter the house helping us to reduce the power consumption of light.

They have a longer life compared to any other materials, having a high stress-bearing capability with a very low maintenance record. Hence, less cost consumption in installation and maintenance at the same time.

UPVC windows are known to be environmentally friendly and with its soundproof technology, it is used widely around the country. Various designs and with multiple locking systems UPVC windows are available everywhere.


Considering all the points we guarantee that choosing the UPVC windows for UV Protection is the right option as they provide the best UV resistance compared to any other windows. For ages, this has always been the first choice of any builder or constructor. 

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