UPVC windows and doors are the latest trends in the hardware and building design industry. While wooden and aluminium doors and windows have been the choice of the house owners for the longest period of time, the advent of UPVC has completely changed the taste of the masses. 

And why not? The immense benefits, strength, durability, customization options, and ease of maintenance that UPVC offers make it the first choice of homeowners in modern times. 

While the popularity of UPVC is at an all-time high, there are still a number of unanswered questions and apprehensions in the common man’s mind, about the UPVC windows and doors. These apprehensions lead to doubts, and doubts lead to confusion. And guess what? You may end up choosing the traditional doors and windows and dumping the better option, i.e, UPVC doors, and windows. 

However, worry not! In this post, we answer all your questions and remove all your doubts, as far as UPVC windows and doors are concerned. Let’s go! 

  • What is UPVC material?

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UPVC stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a modified version of the standard PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) that is widely used for making windows and doorframes, panes, and more hardware articles. UPVC is made through a process known as extrusion, wherein the heated plastic powder is molded into the desired shape. 

  • Why is UPVC known as rigid PVC?

UPVC is often referred to as rigid PVC in everyday language. It is for the reason that UPVC is several times harder than the regular PVC, and is not as flexible as it.  

  • What are the prominent differences between PVC and UPVC?

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Apart from being more rigid and less flexible than PVC, UPVC is different from it in several other aspects. UPVC is considered to be less toxic than PVC, due to the absence of plastic elements in it. Moreover, during the process of extrusion, some key additives are used which not only make it rigid but also make the UPVC profiles UV resistant. Due to all these reasons, UPVC finds uses in many places, including the making of doors and windows for structures. 

  • What are the benefits of UPVC material?

UPVC material has numerous benefits, especially when used to design doors and windows. It is a very strong and rigid material, which is perfect for use in doors and window structures. Further, it is very durable and has a long life span. In fact, UPVC materials are also considered extremely cost-efficient for the purpose of making doors and windows. 

  • Are UPVC windows and doors soundproof?

Yes, one of the most remarkable features of UPVC windows and doors is that they are soundproof to a great extent. Unlike the wooden and aluminum windows, UPVC windows are welded on all four corners. These fusion-welded joints in UPVC windows help to increase insulation from sound, dust, and rainwater. This means that when using UPVC material for your doors and window panes, you need not spend extra for soundproofing. You can avoid outside noise pollution easily through UPVC windows and doors. 

  • Is UPVC material safe for doors and windows?


UPVC is just another form of the PVS material that is used in pipings and many other hardware materials. Therefore, it is absolutely safe to use UPVC materials for windows and doors as well. Moreover, UPVC profiles are lead-free. Therefore, it does not pose any hazard to the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

  • How to clean UPVC windows and doors?


UPVC is a low maintenance material. It does not let dust and pollutants accumulate on its surface easily. Further, cleaning UPVC doors and windows is also very simple. You can clean them simply with the help of a wet cloth, or use soapy water/ surface cleaner for the purpose. Your UPVC windows and doors will become sparkling clean and as good as new with every cleansing. 

  • How much do UPVC windows and doors cost?

UPVC windows and doors are considered to bear a much higher return on investment as compared to the other traditional materials used for the purpose. One, the cost of UPVC is less as compared to wood or aluminum. Two, it is a longer life and durability than these materials. 

  • How are UPVC windows better than wooden and aluminum windows?

UPVC windows have several advantages over wooden and aluminum windows. First of all, the life and durability of UPVC windows are more compared to them. Secondly, you get many customization options in terms of color and texture in the UPVc material, which you do not get in wood or aluminum. 

Further, there is no scope of termites in the case of UPVC, which is a major challenge for wooden window frames. Together, all these reasons make UPVC the ideal choice for door and window structures, and much better than other materials like wood and aluminum that have been used traditionally. 

Last but not the least, UPVC windows are pre-engineered in a factory, which eliminates quality issues, and messes at the site location that happens due to carpentry in case of wooden windows and site fabrication of low-end aluminium windows.

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  • Can UPVC windows and doors be painted? 

Yes. One of the best advantages of UPVC windows and doors is that you can easily customize them as per your choice. You can paint them to any color or provide them a design to suit the overall aura of your room. Even better, these days, UPVC windows can be offered with more than 12 shades factory-made and do not need painting.

  • Can UPVC doors and windows be repaired? 

Yes, UPVC windows and doors can be repaired by professionals who know how to handle the material. Repaired UPVC does not leave any traces and becomes as good as new. 

  • Where to buy UPVC windows?

The dealing in UPVC windows and doors has become mainstream and common these days. However, an important thing to note here is that UPVC windows are normally customised and never available off the shelf. It is recommended to buy UPVC windows and doors online, from a trusted service provider like DELTRA Global. Also, you can subscribe to Deltra Global for detailed info Windows and Doors. 

While making UPVC windows is one aspect, the site dynamics and proper installation makes all the difference – these can be addressed by approaching a professional organization like DELTRA. It ensures that you get a lot of variety to choose from, and the quality you get is the best in class.

These were some of the most frequently asked questions about UPVC windows and doors. We hope these would have resolved many doubts in your minds as well. Being aware of all these aspects of UPVC will help you make a better decision when it comes to choosing the right material for your windows and doors. Nevertheless, make sure that you avail the service only by hiring industry-wide experts like DELTRA Global.