What is uPVC:

One of the latest revolutions in the world of doors and windows is the uPVC. As a sturdy and durable material, uPVC also known as PVCu or rigid PVC, is a reliable material for making doors and windows. Unlike PVC, it is unplasticised, i.e., it does not contain extra materials, and is thus a non-flexible material. As a result, builders and architects advise the incorporation of uPVC windows and doors in homes.

Why Buy uPVC Doors and Windows?


People who prefer a traditional style of home designs will probably discourage the idea of buying uPVC doors and windows. Upvc windows are customised offerings and are the find a right fit for majority of windows and door but, it may not be the right material for the front  or main entrance doors. However, there are many advantages to installing doors and windows made of uPVC.  

The advantages of uPVC doors and windows include – 

  • Easy installation 
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Resilience and durability
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • High thermal insulation
  • Freedom from corrosion or termites
  • Resistance against water, pollutants, stains
  • High level of security
  • Affordability
  • Wide range of designs and styles
  • Avoids Carpentry

Modern uPVC doors and windows are a complete package. You just need to know how to pick them right. Let’s walk you through the process of buying the perfect uPVC windows and doors.  

Tips On Buying uPVC Windows and Doors


While buying uPVC doors and windows, you should consider certain aspects. They are as follows –

1. Profile and Steel

The strength of uPVC windows and doors depends primarily on the profile of the uPVC. These refers to sections of multiple chambers, with galvanised steel reinforced in them. The stronger the uPVC profile, the more durable your doors and windows will be, with less chance of flaking or developing cracks and also resists high wind loads.

A reliable manufacturer ensures that the standard wall thickness of the profile is between 2.3 mm and 3 mm and the steel reinforcement inside is 1-3 mm. A good branded upvc profiles are Lead free  and the window should have inbuilt  rain water drainage mechanism.

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2. Heat Resistance

At the time of purchasing uPVC windows and doors, ensure that they are resistant to heat and fire. One of the primary reasons why people choose uPVC doors and windows is because of its flame-retardant nature. To ensure that you’re picking the right product, check if it can sustain long exposure to fire.  

Remember that uPVC is a poor conductor of heat. So, it is naturally energy efficient. But if you add glass to the window, you must consider the right glass and sealant to ensure that the energy efficiency of the material is complemented. Thermal glass coating, silicone sealant, and window gaskets can do the trick.

3. Sound Insulation

 An excellent feature of uPVC windows and doors is that they can keep noise pollution out of your house. To get better sound insulation, you need to look for uPVC doors and windows that are double-glazed / triple-glazed or use laminated glass. These doors and windows are effective in cutting down the entry of noise from the outside. 

Meanwhile, they also improve the acoustics in the house significantly. But that’s not all. You must also ensure that the sealants and gaskets are used to improve the insulation. Silicone sealants, along with EPDM rubber gaskets, are preferred by manufacturers to ensure that the ro

om is airtight and noiseless.   

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4. Glass Specification


The glass being used in uPVC windows and doors will vary in thickness, depending on the glazing. It can be a single, double, or triple glazing. The glass type may also vary based on whether it is a normal float, toughened, or laminated glass. The thickness of single glasses will vary from 4 mm to 8 mm., Double glazing varies from 20mm to 38mm and lastly the laminated glass is usually either 12.52  or 13.52

The glasses will vary in price and functionality, and you’ll have to think about your budget, as well as your purpose. For instance, if you have a nice view outside, float glass is a good option. Go for thermal coated glass for thermal efficiency. Laminated glass is strong as it has resin between two glass layers.

5. Colour Stability

Another factor to consider at the time of buying uPVC windows and doors is colour stability. Windows and doors made of white uPVC have the tendency to get discoloured in the long run. The only thing that can prevent the white from fading away is titanium dioxide added to the profile during manufacturing.

To prevent this discolouration, the minimum amount of titanium dioxide is 25% of the total weight of the uPVC profile. Modern coloured uPVC is manufactured solid with the colour permeating the material. Such solid colour doesn’t fade before 15-30 years. You can also spray-paint uPVC doors and windows. Most of the upvc profile manufacturers these days offer at least 4 different shades, they are laminated with a special film at the time of extrusion with different colours- the most popular shades are Oak Brown, Walnut and Mahogany)

6. Warranty

A reputed manufacturer should be able to provide a warranty of at least 10 years for the uPVC profiles, along with a one-year hardware warranty. During the life of uPVC doors and windows, you can expect some obvious issues, from broken handles to problems in the rollers and sliders in sliding doors and windows.

The manufacturer should be able to provide prompt action when any of these problems occur, and provide immediate service. Even with the best quality uPVC profiles and the highest standards of glass and hardware, you will still face problems that will need immediate attention from the post-sales team. 

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The industry of uPVC has been improving and constantly upgrading in the recent past, incorporating the latest advancements in the manufacturing of doors and windows for modern homes. These uPVC doors and window designs are devised to overcome the shortcomings of the earlier versions. 

Currently, uPVC windows and doors can include glass panels, get spray-painted, be sturdy and durable, prevent noise, and offer energy efficiency. They are engineered to give you long-term solutions for your home. You should also be looking at what kind of post-sale services are being promised.