Acoustic insulation is among the most desirable properties of any window or door. With the current levels of noise pollution and compact living spaces coupled with the steep rise in home-office needs triggered by the global health pandemic, people are leaning towards soundproof fenestrations more than ever. 

The choice of the window or door material along with some key understandings can help you increase the soundproofing ability of your window 5x.

As a top manufacturer of windows and door solutions in Hyderabad, Deltra Global prioritizes acoustic insulation. In this post, we have presented a know it all guide to soundproofing.

What is soundproofing?

Soundproofing is the process through which quality fenestration solution providers help create a calm and peaceful environment indoors by blocking the outdoor noise from entering. It is also called acoustic insulation and it is a primary characteristic of a good window or door

Does soundproofing actually work?

Soundproofing is noise reduction that blocks upto 90% to 98% of noise pollution coming through windows or doors. Traditionally, soundproof window shopping is made easier by considering the rating of the sound-stopping quality of windows on a sound transmission class (STC) scale. In this scale, the higher the number, the more a window can block sound.

Therefore, when you are considering soundproof windows, you must consider what frequencies you want to soundproof your space against.

What makes a window or door soundproof?

Essentially, thicker windows or doors with extra air space that comes with increased distance between the panes is a foolproof way of making them acoustically insulated. Using laminated glass, or plastic and glass sandwich arrangements will further pull down the levels of noise trespassing into your space. Deltra Global, produces high end thick windows or doors with dual panes which make them increasingly soundproof.

We also ensure that our soundproof installations are fusion-welded and double-sealed to the glass using high-quality sealants that furthermore make them air-tight. This unbeatable combination enables the perfect soundproofing solution for your private spaces. Our windows and doors are capable of blocking out external noise up to 90% alongside additional perks that do not come with ordinary glass panes.

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Which is the best type of window for soundproofing?

Any thick and laminated window can achieve soundproofing to a great extent. However, choosing UPVC and Aluminium options may be extremely beneficial. This is because both these materials produce durable windows that block excessive noise and increase the safety features of your installation. Laminate and Triple Pane options are a top market pick. Insulating frames with foam and adequate weatherstripping material is a foolproof boost to your installation as well. Some people choose to modify their existing windows to achieve better sound insulation. Tips that would come handy to them are-

  • Blocking the window or door in entirety
  • Using fiberglass soundproof attachments
  • Replacing their existing installation with double pane ones
  • Adding extra layers of acrylic or sealants
  • Buying sound drowning curtains or thick blinds
  • Installing barrier panel and sealing out gaps

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