Modern windows are a testament to detailed design and the elevated lifestyle of the inhibitors of the space. There are a plethora of window styles available today that come rife with customisations to suit your needs. As a top windows manufacturer in Hyderabad and Bangalore, we at Deltra Global, have an eye for design and are in the quest to bring our clients the best fenestration solutions and styles with advanced technologies.

In this article, we aim to discuss the single and double hung window styles so our customers can make informed decisions for their spaces. 

Single and Double Hung Window Styles


A ‘hung’ generally refers to the number of operable sashes in a window’s design. Hung windows are a classic window architectural design.  They can be either single or double hung. Although the two look similar at first glance, a trained eye will be able to view the distinct differences between them. Many homeowners gravitate towards hung windows for its traditional looks. The distinction between them is vital knowledge.

Single Hung windows are generally preferred as they are made of affordable materials and are inexpensive to install. They are the primary choice for homeowners who desire fixed sash and one of a kind options. These windows are also increasingly durable as they have fewer movable parts when compared to double hung windows. In addition to this, these windows display impressive resistance to water and air infiltration. The advantage of having an airtight fixed sash in these windows is the energy efficiency that it provides. 

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Double Hung windows, on the other hand, are preferred by customers who are looking for greater variety in style, colour and frame materials. They are easy to clean and suitable for spaces with families. These windows show a high level of naturally cooling airflow capability and provide ventilation for the space with increased moisture. When coupled with heavy double locked units, these windows add to the security features of the installations. 

The major point of distinction between the two, however, is the fact that single hung windows have fixed sashes which are immovable while double hung windows have moveable sashes. This allows single hung windows to be in any shape or size. 

It is a given that these two traditionally popular styles present many similarities, understanding how they are different, as aforementioned, can go a long way toward helping you determine which one is a good solution for your house. However, no matter what aesthetics you’re looking to achieve with the design of your space, there’s a good chance you can find both a single- and double-hung window to complement it.

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