At Deltra Global, we pride ourselves in being the ultimate genie for all your windows and door needs. Our windows are made to protect your interiors from climatic hazards- they are weather resistant, maintenance free, highly sound insulated, highly secured, termite free, thermal efficiency insulated (thermally efficient), fire retardant, and highly water tight- prevents rain water ingress  and supremely wind resistant- designed to handle higher wind loads.

A major feature of our windows that are increasingly proving to be the best choice for modern spaces in Hyderabad and Bangalore, is its eco-friendliness. Making your space eco friendly does not just increase the energy efficiency but also makes it more livable and comfortable. 

The most important feature in an eco friendly installation is the glass. To understand which kind of glass proves to be the best choice for you, it is important to familiarise with the similarities and differences between single and double glazed glass.

Single Glazed Windows vs Double Glazed Windows

Single glazed windows are those that have a single pane of glass incorporated into a frame. Their primary benefits include the fact that they are the best option when on a budget. They are also convenient in places where heat retention is not a great concern for the occupants. 

On the other hand, double glazed windows are those that have dual glass panes incorporated into a frame. Their primary benefits include the fact that they are much more insulated than single glazed windows. They are also more aesthetically pleasing. In addition to this, they provide better sound reduction and higher safety features with almost no condensation. 

To understand which glass will the job for you, it is important to be well versed with the properties and drawbacks of each-

Single glazing:

  • Cheap and economically convenient if the climate allows it
  • Fails to provide adequate insulation with respect to energy loss and storage
  • They could cause energy leakage and breakage of seals
  • Thinner and hence allow greater noise travel
  • Do not add any security features to the installation

Double glazing:

  • Highly insulative and energy efficient option
  • It has two panes that are fitted in an airtight vacuum with a heavy inert gas
  • Extensive heat retention is provided by the air trapped between the panes
  • Increases thermal efficiency of your space and can over time reduce your energy bill expenditure
  • The added thickness blocks noise from outside
  • It improves safety as it is difficult to break and nearly impossible to shatter
  • It limits condensation especially when combined with effective seals
  • It is more expensive than single glazing and is also difficult to repair

Our word of advice-

If longevity and energy efficiency is appealing to you, then you could consider investing in the double glazing option as the sheer number of its advantages are greater and you would be able to recoup the additional cost over time. However, if you are doing up a smaller space with a more stringent budget, there is no harm in considering the single glazed windows as well. But, you must ensure that the installation and maintenance is done by a trustworthy company. 

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