Aluminium windows and doors have slowly crept their way into contemporary designs and modern choices of today’s architects. Their slim frames and decreased sightlines, along with the fact that they can be generously painted upon- makes them a common chase in home installation. As a top windows and Doors manufacturer in Hyderabad, we at Deltra Global, have analysed the top general queries of customers out there and have put together a list of questions that you must ask your contractor


  • Does it look nice and stay clean?

Any home- owner’s primary query is aesthetics and maintenance. Aluminium has a stark metallic appearance which does not dull with time. Aluminium windows and doors with anodized finish, do not get affected by sunlight or external environmental factors thus making them durable. Liquid finish varieties have a silicone layer of colour which is not just visually pleasing but also a protection for your installation.

Deltra Global uses the Japanese technology based TOSTEM windows which are gloss tested and highly scratch resistant for upto 40 years.

Different contractors have different tips to help you keep your windows and doors clean and well maintained. We, at Deltra Global do a general clean up after installation and instruct you on easy maintenance strategies.

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  • What about safety and security?

For home installations, safety and security are a top priority. Aluminium as a metal is extremely strong. Sliding features, good locking systems and double glazing can easily be implemented on Aluminium Windows and Doors which makes it a good choice.
Our TOSTEM windows at Deltra Global, are openable with a safety latch. We also have door frames that submerge so as to reduce the risk of physical injury. We have provided these fenestration solutions for homes with kids and elderly, and it has always been a satisfactory experience for the client.

Additionally, there are no gaps when the windows are installed which keeps the water out. An insect screen can also be provided with the windows thus amplifying client comfort and convenience.

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  • What about installations and warranty?

    This is an important question to ask your contractor as any installation can be seen as an investment. These are mostly once in 30 years purchases and you do not wish to skip the fineprint.

    While discussing installation procedures, you must get clarity on the average lead time, competence of the installation crew, structural issues and procedures and expectations from the customer. You must also, always choose a smart contractor who has a clear warranty system with everything pointed out.

    For instance, our TOSTEM windows at Deltra come with a warranty given by Lixil. Our assembly and installation procedures are quick and easy. Our partners are efficient and well trained alongside having worked on 300+ projects countrywide.

  • Are Aluminium doors and windows energy efficient?

    We know that if your doors and windows do not provide quality thermal performance, they could burn a hole in your pocket in the form of electricity bills. The advantage of Aluminium Windows and Doors is also that it is a conscious choice. They are energy efficient, eco friendly and highly recyclable especially when the performing glass is chosen wisely.

    At Deltra Global, our TOSTEM windows have a
    single laminated solar glass which not just reduces noise and heat gain but also makes the windows highly energy efficient.

  • But, is Aluminium the best choice?

    This is the most frequently asked question when it comes to Aluminium Windows and Doors. To answer it once and for all, for tropical and warmer climates like ours in India, Aluminium is a great option.  It helps you achieve larger openings and thinner frames which indicates how strong the metal is- this also implies that your expansive picturesque windows are mostly Aluminium. Even in Aluminium-clad wood options, it is the cladding that keeps the external elements at bay.
    The other attractive advantage is the fact that Aluminium Windows and Doors are generally maintenance free and they follow a
    ‘set it and forget it’ approach. It also resists most weather borne corrosive factors. In some parts of the developed world, Aluminium has a 9:1 share over UPVC which indicates its popularity and convenience.

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