Modern day architects and fenestration solution providers are constantly faced with many unique challenges. One such, is finding the right material for a door to ensure that it is sturdy, durable, convenient and aesthetic at the same time. Doors are the only part of a home’s interiors that connects it to the external environment. It is also the first impression of a space. 

An ideal door has four uncompromised qualities — 

  1. Durability from external threats
  2. Quality material
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Apt frame size

At Deltra Global, we put quality first. Having provided fenestration solutions all over Hyderabad and Bangalore, we have done ample research to help our clients figure out questions to ask a contractor about uPVC and Aluminium doors. Here goes —

Questions To Ask About uPVC & Aluminium Doors

#1. Does it look nice and stay clean?

UPVC and Aluminium doors are not only strong and durable- They also look absolutely stylish at every glance. They are the finest option available for having sturdy and reliable windows that come with a dash of elegance. Aluminium has a stark metallic appearance which does not dull with time. Aluminium windows and doors with anodized finish, do not get affected by sunlight or external environmental factors thus making them durable. For UPVC, from laminating, glazing, painting to even maintaining these windows— the options are abundant.

#2. Are these doors bad for the environment?

UPVC doors help you reduce your carbon footprint, since they contain no plastic and are not at all harmful to the environment. It is an eco-friendly material with fantastic insulation properties, resulting in reduced energy bills. With Aluminium doors, one can be rest assured that it is a conscious choice. They are energy efficient, eco friendly and highly recyclable especially when the performing glass is chosen wisely.
Moreover, these windows can easily be recycled after use, leaving no distress on the environment.

#3. Does installation take time and what about warranty?

With a quality fenestrations solutions provider, installations should not take time, You must discuss time preferences in advance with your contractor. The time could increase based on customizations. While discussing installation procedures, you must get clarity on the average lead time, competence of the installation crew, structural issues and procedures and expectations from the customer. You must also, always choose a smart contractor who has a clear warranty system with everything pointed out. 

#4. What about the security and convenience of the doors? 

For home installations, safety and security are a top priority. Aluminium as a metal is extremely strong. Sliding features, good locking systems and double glazing can easily be implemented on Aluminium Windows and Doors which makes it a good choice. With UPVC, every Deltra Window comes with a unique inbuilt rain water drainage mechanism which prevents any rain water ingress. The window panels are designed in such a way that they do not allow any water seepage to occur, notwithstanding the severity of the weather.

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