Building your home and setting it up is an exciting journey. We trust that your space deserves nothing but the best fenestration solutions to amp up its quality and boost your lifestyle too. We want to be your partner in this journey. We are “Deltra Global Profiles Pvt Limited”- Manufacturers of Ultra-Modern Windows and Doors. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a brand that focuses on bridging the gap with the future and place the world’s best innovations in the grasp of our clients.

Products and Services offered by Deltra Global


Let us introduce to you the Products and Services by Deltra Global that will redefine your space and infuse quality installations into your home-

  1. Best uPVC windows and Doors

  2. Premium Aluminium installations

  3. Customised Shower enclosures 

Our products and services are a result of our patient scouting and research which has led us to amazing collaborations with reputed international brands and their innovative technology. Quality comes first at Deltra and this can be reflected in our choice of infrastructure, people & partnership, and in technical collaboration with TOSTEM by LIXIL, ALUPLAST & KOHLER. Our endeavour is to bring the most sophisticated UPVC and Aluminium profiles from Europe and Japan into India.

We have collaborated with TOSTEM by LIXIL and brought the magic of this leading brand for global housing and building material industry in Japan to every space that we have worked on in India. TOSTEM helps us to provide a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure comfortable homes for everybody through advanced technologies.

ALUPLAST too, is a leading innovator in this industry and has continuously introduced innovations to the market and thus brought new momentum to the industry. Aluplast uPVC profiles are completely non-toxic and harmless for humans and the environment as they are made from uPVC raw material that is 100% lead free and 100% recyclable. 

Their prominent features include- 

  • Warmer, greener and safer profiles
  • Certified factory-made quality
  • Multi Sliding window systems
  • Super energy efficient through perfect sealing
  • Made according to European Union Quality Standard EN12608 for uPVC window profiles
  • Internationally tested and certified by renowned test institutes such as ift Rosenheim, SKZ, RAL

We have spent time and effort partnering with them and bringing the crux of their technology into the installations that we provide. Being the leading manufacturer of windows and doors in Hyderabad and Bangalore, this partnership has helped us ace the game of modern fenestration solutions. 

Since 1873, KOHLER. has been improving the level of gracious living by providing exceptional products and services. This is in line with our ideology at Deltra and we have collaborated with them to provide premium and custom shower enclosures for our clients. These enclosures are a  vital element for a great showering experience. These enclosures come with a singular hinge and levity pro rollers that enhance their aesthetic to fit the modern lifestyle that your space reflects. The ordinary glass comes with Kohler’s clean coat which makes it perfect for the shower area. 

Final Words:

By now, we hope you have gathered that our aim at Deltra is to provide you the perfect concoction of windows and doors in accordance with your space so that it appears aesthetically beautiful and functional. Our products give plenty of room for creativity, leisure, and are brewing with fresh ideas.

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