Aluminium windows are usually known for their strength and durability. In our country, aluminium windows have been in use since ancient times and have never failed us. Aluminium windows are widely used around the globe, and it is the first choice of every builder or constructor.

These aluminium windows are the strongest compared to other metals with corrosion-resistant properties. At Deltra global, Aluminium windows are manufactured with utmost care keeping the clients’ requirements in mind. 

To attain long durability, Deltra global manufactures powder coated windows with utmost care and quality. In the below, we shall see what exactly is powder coating and why it is done on windows and doors.

What is powder coating, and how is it applied?

Powder coating is nothing but applying a layer of polyester powder which is available in various colors, textures, and shades. This Polyester powder is applied when the window is at the final stage of manufacturing. This layer is just like the paint but in a dry form.

As per the process, aluminium extrusions go through several treatments before the powder treatment takes place. It is brought into a special compartment and through electrical charge, aluminium extrusions are applied to them and then the powder is sprayed upon them. 

These bars go through the oven or heaters to get dried up. This electrical charge helps the polyester powder to get attached permanently.

Why powder coat on aluminium windows?

Powder coating is mainly done on aluminium extrusion which later benefits the fully manufactured windows in two ways; to provide a surface layer on the window and to apply the perfect color for the window. These coatings give a shiner look on the aluminium windows which looks attractive and highlights its modern design.

This powder coating is available in various colors from dark to light, which are more than two hundred colors. There is a special coating called wood effect window which looks like wood. 

Some advantages of applying powder coating are

  • #1 This powder coating helps the aluminium windows to remain corrosion resistant which is very important. 
  • #2 Due to these coating windows can be installed in any part of the world even at different weather seasons and places where the salt content is in the air.
  • #3 Mainly, this allows the Aluminium windows to stay healthy with less maintenance for at least twenty years
  • #4 It also helps to have dual-color windows for our designing homes.
  • #5 This coating does not let the aluminium crack or tear for a very long time even in extreme heat.
  • #6 Aluminium windows are also powder-coated to protect the windows from various bugs like termites etc.


In conclusion, powder-coated aluminium windows are unique and special from other metal windows. This brings a new look with their own strength and durability. 

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