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The holy grail element that makes any building’s design elegant and structured is a partition wall. Modern architects and interior designers use partition walls as room dividers to innovate their floor plans. It adds to the privacy and convenience of the space and elevates the look by a huge margin. 

We, at Deltra Global, believe in heightening the lifestyle of our clients by delivering their expectations using state of the art technology and fenestration solutions. 

As a top manufacturer of windows and doors, we use our expertise to put together an A to Z of partition walls and elucidate their plentiful benefits in this post.  

Partition walls are a sure shot way to have an organized home full of defined spaces. It can also be vital to areas like co-working spaces, or those that need acoustic insulation. 

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To utilise spaces to the maximum, homeowners generally have a range of room dividing options to choose from. These include- sliding glass doors, plant dividers, hanging vertical gardens, movable walls, arching furniture options, wooden slats, metal dividers and shelves. 

However, in our experience of dealing with clients having commercial and personal needs, we have found that glass and metals (like Aluminium) are the most viable options. They triumph over the others primarily because of their structural integrity, flexibility, cost efficiency, contemporary design, energy efficiency and sound insulation.

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Here are the top 5 things you need to know before investing in a partition wall- 

  1. Partition walls can be solid and functional or light and decorative. It totally depends on the purpose you want it to serve in your space. Interior design can be visualized around these by incorporating modern design principles and trends.
  2. They come in a variety of materials (like glass, Aluminium, wrought iron, wood, gyprock, fabric etc) and can be customised in styles, sizes and colours to suit the customer’s needs.
  3. These dynamic partition walls are cost-effective and mess free alternative to constructing new walls. You can substitute permanent structures by using sliding folding partitions, acoustic glazed doors, movable acoustic walls and glass movable walls.
  4. Partitioning is practical as it allows room for future refurbishment of your space since it can be removed and assembled quicker than most other structures. It is less disruptive (in terms of sight and sound) and is easy to manipulate.
  5. By using glazed partition walls, you can ensure better light flow around the sectioned part of your property. This can be done without compromising on the design and elegance of the space. Creative usage of these room dividers can help natural light penetrate to even the gloomiest corners making the space more usable and convenient. 

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