At Deltra Global, we manufacture Ultra-Modern Windows and Doors while being committed to providing durable and high quality fenestration solutions which integrate style and fashion with performance. A huge part of our endeavour is to assist our clients in making choices that elevate their lifestyle. Our endeavour is to bring the most sophisticated UPVC and Aluminium profiles from Europe and Japan into the comfort of our client’s space. 

While ‘Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride’ (UPVC) windows are a crowd favourite and an extremely reliable installation, we encourage our clients to educate themselves on the various choices available and consult us on finding the right fit for their property. 

Being the top manufacturer of windows and doors in Hyderabad and Bangalore, our team has amassed a treasure trove of insider tips and tricks. This customer centered approach has helped us bust popular myths about UPVC windows.

Myths about UPVC Windows


Myth #1 : UPVC windows are totally plastic

The assumption that UPVC windows are made from plastic and not strong enough is false. UPVC expands as ‘Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride’.  The primary chemical found in these windows is salt, and not cheap plastic. 

Myth #2: UPVC windows give an artificial undesirable look

UPVC windows are not only strong and durable- They also look absolutely stylish at every glance. They are the finest option available for having sturdy and reliable windows that come with a dash of elegance. From laminating, glazing, painting to even maintaining these windows, the options are abundant. They can also be fabricated in various shapes, sizes, and styles to best match the needs of your space.

Myth #3:  UPVC windows cannot cancel noise

This assumption is totally false. UPVC windows offer excellent sound insulation for the buildings located in noisy areas or wherever noise-proof interiors are required with a reduction of upto 30 decibels. Unlike wood or aluminium windows,UPVC windows are fusion welded in all corners which helps in higher insulation.

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Myth #4: UPVC windows are bad for the environment 

UPVC windows help you reduce your carbon footprint, since they contain no plastic and are not at all harmful to the environment. It is an eco-friendly material with fantastic insulation properties, resulting in reduced energy bills. Moreover, these windows can easily be recycled after use, leaving no distress on the environment.

Myth #5 UPVC windows cause seepage during the rainy season

This claim is false. In fact, one of the key specialties of UPVC windows is that they are tight fitting and seepage resistant. The window panels are designed in such a way that they do not allow any water seepage to occur, notwithstanding the severity of the weather. Furthermore, every Deltra UPVC Window comes with a unique inbuilt rain water drainage mechanism which prevents any rain water ingress.

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