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Summer’s gone! Monsoons are just around the corner. Haven’t you summer-proofed our home to withstand the summer? How about gearing up for the monsoons!!!

Those huge windows overlooking the lush green gardens which have inherited a new shade from the showers are surely going to be the best therapeutics you’ll ever find! May it be switching to an aesthetic color of frames or a complete makeover; the smallest of touches give out the most awe-worthy ambiance to an otherwise regular home.

So let’s head to Deltra Global and plan the perfect monsoon you could ever have!

Monsoons come and bring with them sceneries and we call it the season of love. But let’s not be fooled here, it also brings with it a bag of troubles. From irritating insects who creep into the house to the seeping of water to the rust and the sound of non-stop splattering of rain.

Deltra Global has it all covered.

The “Watertight sill with drainage devices” is the supernova feature of the next-gen instillations your home would thank you for! It prevents rainwater and the drainage devices work wonders in keeping the rainwater at bay.

But what about our uninvited insect guests? Deltra homeowners do not need to worry about trespassing insects to enjoy the breeze. The “Sliding external insect screen” feature helps you get the most out of the season. 

No matter how enjoyable the rains may be one strong wind and our heart clenches in fear what if the windows shatter? In an effort to put an eternal full stop to these worries; Deltra Global has ensured the glasses have a premium quality thickness which makes them stand strong against winds and clatters.

With high-end performances like withstanding wind pressure, water tightness, air tightness, and noise insulation it most certainly is a package deal for people looking out to have their homes customized into a much-desired dream destination.

With secure locking systems and high-quality locks that ensure the doors and windows stay in place and remain unaffected by extreme weather, being the best among the best!

So, what are you waiting for! The monsoons are just around the corner!

Visit to find your ideal choice that makes your home monsoon-proof.

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