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Modern-day architects and fenestration solution providers are constantly faced with many unique challenges. One such, is a door installation need wherein additional roofing may not be possible and the case in point has large opening dimensions. The precise product for this predicament is a folding door!

Folding doors are installations that are made up of hinged door leaves. They use a track to open or close and are known to maximize the opening without exhausting the entire space. They are commonly used as room dividers in sheds, garages and increasingly in well-designed homes and office spaces. The most exciting aspect of folding doors is that they can be automated, and are laden with a variety of materials that can increase its soundproofing and weatherproofing abilities. 

At Deltra Global, we strive to provide state of the art fenestration solutions that elevate the look and convenience of your installations. We help you make choices for your space in a cogent and personalised manner. 

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Having worked with an elite clientele on folding doors, we present to you the Fab Four features of folding doors that make them an intriguing prospect for your space!

Top 4 Features of Folding Doors


#1. Aesthetic and Visual Appeal

Folding doors can substitute an entire wall of a room, or extend more meaning to an existing one which is a highly sought-after modern renaissance look. They can also be used to open up to an uninterrupted view outside. One can commonly see wooden framed folding doors or even steel cladding ones in residential and agricultural spaces.

#2. A Plethora of Features

These doors can be either single or bi-fold. They can be insulated or even made of strong metal surfaces that can act as a climatic barrier. Various provisions for vision and ventilation can be figured into the design, especially with bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors may also come with flush tracks, thus becoming a threshold-less solution which is of vast practical usage.

#3. Maximum Space Utilisation

Folding doors can be used as room dividers as well. If you choose a top folding doors manufacturer, they will be able to provide the optimum balance between the weight per door leaf, a number of door leaves and size of each door leaf to make the most of your space. You can increase the diversity and style by transforming your room into more spaces. Folding doors can also be manifested into French Doors by fitting glass into the door leaves. Further, room dividers can be open in the middle or hinged to a particular side.

#4. Easy installation and maintenance

Be it corners, bay windows, room dividers or bi-fold doors, the installation process is quick and simple. As a top folding doors manufacturer in Hyderabad, Deltra assures effective installation and maintenance.  There are many safety and anti-bump features that can also be installed into bi-folds. Aluminium and UPVC folding doors can be maintained with techniques as easy as occasionally wiping it with a damp rag. These doors are fitted on completely enclosed tracks to make them more secure.

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Folding or bi-fold doors can enhance just the architectural feature that makes your home stand out. Choosing to install folding doors by Deltra will represent a brilliant addition for your home as they will adequately provide a splendid and urban environment for you to exist, play, and work in. They really are one of the most effective and sophisticated ways to open up your house.


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