Getting to have a perfect brand install the windows and doors of our dream houses is a dream come true for each and every builder. A well-reputed company is very hard to find nowadays and even after a lot of research, products we find may be of good quality but will cost us a fortune to buy them.

Are you also experiencing the same difficulty too? Do not worry, we are here to help you out. With rigorous research, we have found out that Fenesta and Aluplast are of the finest companies around the globe producing the finest quality materials.

Here, we will be listing out some important features of both companies, helping you to choose the perfect brand (Fenesta vs Aluplast) for your beautiful dream house.

Fenesta vs Aluplast


#1 Experience

Since 2003 Fenesta has successfully manufactured UPVC windows in India and works in more than 327 cities satisfying more than 2 lakh homes. Fenesta being the largest manufacturer of windows believes in transparent work culture and diversity.

Aluplast has been in this manufacturing field for 30 long years with advanced technology around the globe. Through its dedication and unique development, it has been awarded the innovative medium-sized award for the years 2016 and 2017.

#2 Service

The company selected by us should be able to provide the best service after the installation of windows or doors. When we are talking about Fenesta vs Aluplast, Fenesta is well known for the same. Fenesta has installed more than 2.5 million windows and has been providing service to date without compromising the quality.

Setting the goal of satisfying the customers with the best service around the globe, Aluplast has stepped back. Having highly skilled laborers and advancement in technology they have proved to be the no.1 manufacturing industry in the globe.

#3 Styles and Designs

In the modern era, every house is a unique design, and installing a perfect window without letting the art fade is quite essential. Fenesta has a variety of designs with their upvc casement windows, upvc tilt windows, sliding windows, etc.

Aluplast brings us the best design windows with perfectly welded corners ensuring a symmetry-like structure that not only looks good but also moves smoothly. Like these many features are being designed with utmost care and stylish.

#4 Scopes/ Advantages

Fenesta mainly focuses on the strength and durability of the window and to make it happen Aluplast has come up with high-security windows, negligible maintenance, sound insulation, protection from storms, etc.

Aluplast with its advancement in technology has never failed to amuse us. The Aluplast are error porn, top insulation and heat, noise, and other harmful rays are kept out.

Final words

Talking about Fenesta vs Aluplast and considering the features of both the companies, we can conclude that both the companies are unique in their own ways and can assure the best quality products with utmost satisfaction to the clients. 

Looking at the points above, we guarantee that it leads us to the right decision based on the requirements to our house.