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Deltra Global is a leading fabricator of turnkey facade solutions in Hyderabad. We have successfully Developed, Designed and Adopted all kinds of International Innovations aiming for energy efficiency above all – thus helping environments and improving living conditions inside the buildings and in the wellbeing of individuals – with the objective of achieving the highest level of architectural demands customized to the Indian Prices.



Our Range of Facade Solutions

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Assured Quality

The reason behind the splendid performance of our doors and windows against rough climate is the stringent quality assurance testing. We uphold ASTM (American Standards for Testing and Materials) and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).

World-class Standards

Tostem got comfortable in its position as a leader. Every product undergoes vigorous testing and is certified to reflect its flamboyance.

Excellent Surface


The patented TEXGUARD technology safeguards all our products with a protective coating. The result: higher durability, long-lasting luster, and low maintenance.

Flexible Aluminium Prices


Even our luxury and premium products range come with a pocket-friendly price and offer you the cost-effectivity we promise.

Punctuality in Delivery


Rest assured, we deliver and install all the products at the agreed turnaround time without compromising on functionality or perfection.

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