Living spaces are special to its inhibitors. They speak the language of the people that reside or work in them. Windows and Doors, serve as the embodiment of the space to the exterior world. As a generation that is learning to make conscious choices and elevating our lifestyle consistently, it is important that our choices of windows and doors complement the reduced carbon footprint that we wish to leave behind.

Energy flows in and out of a space through its windows and doors. It is hence important to make certain considerations while choosing the material and installer for the same. Many fenestration solutions providers can advise you about the types, designs and durability of every installation, however, we at Deltra Global take this up by a notch by also paying consideration to the environment and your endeavour to make sustainable choices. As a top manufacturer of windows and doors in Hyderabad and Bangalore, we have compiled our go-to list on having eco friendly windows and doors. Here goes-

  • Values to be familiar with: To break the jargon, and understand your installations better, it is vital to be acquainted with what R-value and U-value means. R-value measures the insulation property of your window, a high R-value means a more insulated indoor environment. U-value on the other hand, measures the energy efficiency of the product, a low U-value means a more insulated indoor environment.
  • You could opt for insulated glass or Low E glass which is glass that is coated with a thin layer of silver that can regulate the amount of solar light that your windows radiate. This will help you achieve your optimum heating or cooling requirement. Furthermore, a layer of Argon gas can be added to aid thermal transfer and enhance the glass’ performance.
  • a) Aluminium: Thermally broken aluminium (used in quality installations) is extremely energy efficient. In fact, recycled aluminium saves about 96% of the energy needed to produce it. Aluminium proves to be among the most eco friendly installation options especially for large glass requirements.
    b) Timber: Wood is naturally insulating and sustainable timber is eco friendly. These windows or doors are ensured of a high lifetime and simple maintenance. Dynamic glazing, along with passive and active control of a timber window can aid its energy efficiency.
    c) UPVC: Alongside being an incredibly versatile plastic, UPVC is also an eco friendly choice for doors and windows. Since it is made from inexpensive PVC and lasts long, it does not exhaust forest resources. It also does not require any painting or additional sealing which saves time and money, alongside preventing harmful chemicals from being released. 
  • Doors are considered eco friendly when they can seal the exterior and interior effectively to conserve energy. It must fit tightly and have weather stripping qualities. While fiberglass and wood doors are generally preferred, other materials like aluminium or steel are also highly effective. 
  • At Deltra, our windows and doors are carefully curated to ensure that they are high durability, low maintenance as well as impervious to corrosion, rusting, rotting or flaking. They are resource efficient and recyclable as well, thus making them increasingly eco friendly
  • This list would be remiss if it did not contain the cons to opting for eco friendly windows and doors- the major inconvenience caused would be in the matter of costing as these options are higher on the price range. These choices may also put certain impediments to the design and look of the windows and doors. 

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