We, at Deltra Global, are a renowned UPVC windows manufacturer in Hyderabad, trusted by a large number of clients across the world with a collective experience of about 20 years in the UPVC industry.

We offer the highest quality of UPVC windows and doors by adopting European concepts and delivering the same standards. We use high quality imported CNC machines for fabricating the windows and our team is highly adept  in UPVC fabrication.

Over our intense collaboration with a plethora of clients, we have realised that a top concern for most is the arena of UPVC windows cleaning. And as an extension, UPVC doors cleaning also becomes a cause of caution in their choices. Having been a client oriented business from the start, we wanted to address this agenda at its very root cause and provide support to our customers.


As a part of that effort, we bring to you some expert recommended cleaning tips for UPVC windows and Doors- 

The first step towards ensuring that your UPVC windows and doors achieve consistent performance, is to understand your product better so you can cater to its needs.

UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride which is basically a chemically resistant material that we use for windows, pipes and other frameworks. The advantage of this material is that it does not rot, flake, corrode or peel even with years of rough usage. It is energy efficient, eco friendly, thermal and acoustic insulated as well.

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Now that you have a basic idea of the composition of your UPVC windows and doors, you can adopt these tips into a simple cleaning strategy:

Cleaning Tips

  • Clean your windows regularly with a clean wipe immersed in warm water.
  • You can use a solution of warm water and a mild detergent or household cleaner to maintain its freshness and rid it of gunk.
  • If your windows are constantly exposed to fumes, you might want to get them coated and clean them regularly.
  • In case the UPVC windows are exposed to rain, you don’t have to worry because the water will collect at the base drain and eventually evaporate. In case of extreme situations, you can dry them lightly.
  • All the areas of your window that are exposed to the outside world need to be brushed from time to time.
  • Using a specific UPVC windows cleaner with a sponge can produce much better results. If you do not have a UPVC windows cleaning solution, you can take warm water and white vinegar in a 1:2 ratio and combine it with a few drops of mild washing liquid.
  • After cleaning your windows, make sure to buff them with a dry cloth or a newspaper to avoid scratches.
  • Moving parts of your UPVC doors and windows like hinges and metal components should be lubricated at least twice in a year. You can seek technical help for this if necessary.
  • In order to maintain the flexibility of the gaskets, it is advised to powder the seals with talcum or chalk at least once in a year.

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Alongside tips, we also want to notify you of some grave don’ts of UPVC windows cleaning

  • Do not use abrasive detergents or strong chemical cleaning agents as it can hamper the frames.
  • Please refrain from using scrubbing pads, iron wool or any rough wipes.
  • Do not substitute a UPVC windows cleaning solution with nail varnish remover, methylated spirit or white spirit.
  • A common mistake of using paint and color must also not be made.
  • Do not lubricate the cylinders and wheels of your UPVC windows and doors.
  • Only use the accessories that come with your UPVC doors and windows. Never use anything from outside markets.

From our compilation of do’s and don’ts, it must be fairly clear that maintaining and cleaning your UPVC windows and doors is not a herculean task. This is the primary reason behind why UPVC windows are a stunning choice for home and commercial installations. These features and benefits of UPVC windows amplify themselves when you get them done from quality manufacturers.

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