The number of tasks involved in doing up a commercial or living space are plentiful. Starting from the logistical, functional and aesthetic aspects of planning one’s interiors to making choices between the many options available- the entire process can be tedious and tiresome. As a top fenestration solutions provider in Hyderabad and Bangalore, we at Deltra Global have made it our singular vision to ease the burden that our client’s carry.

In this post, we aim to tackle an often overlooked but extremely vital aspect of interior planning- ‘Choosing a color for windows and Doors’

Windows and Doors are the gateway of your space into the outer world. This not just makes it receive the harshest usage and exposure to external factors but also the most attention. By picking an efficient and attention conducive colour, your space can transform its visual appeal that will set the tone and vibe for the rest of the installations. To assist you in achieving this goal, we have put together a list of tips and tricks on ‘How to choose the right colour for doors and windows?’

Tips on Choosing the Right Colour for Doors and Windows

  • Create a General Color Scheme or Palette– it is easy to be overwhelmed with many colours. A sustainable way of picking the right colours for windows and doors is hence to pick either a warm or cool palette and then work within the same. Generally, warmer palettes are considered more traditional while cooler palettes seem more modern, but this doesn’t have to be the norm. Make sure to pick colors that you will like to see even after the novelty wears off.
  • Spare a thought to the architecture of your space– the choice of color for your doors and windows must also consider the type of building material used in the architecture of your space. Some interior designers believe that having the same color for doors and windows can make the exteriors look more amplified and in sync. 
  • Suggestions straight from the experts- 
  1. Dark colours give the window a smoother appearance as the frame seems to disappear into the glass
  2. Light colours enhance the frame and help create a more visible contrast
  3. Using warm and cool colours alternatively can help create a balanced facade
  4. Black & White, Grey, Brick Red are safe bets while playing with colors specially in commercial spaces
  5. Shades of tan and beige are gaining popularity as ‘neutrals’ become the it trend
  6. Use gloss to make the frames appear unique and prominent and matte to make it subtler
  • Work with pre-existing decor– If you have intricate detailing or bold interiors, you may want to pick your hues wisely so they blend in with the pre-existing installations. You could view colour as a tool to enhance the best parts of your home and disguise the parts you wish to draw the least attention towards. 
  • Make conscious choices- Depending on your locality, climate and general weather patterns, you can pick colours to deal with dirt or snow. You could also pick more environmentally conscious windows and paints to leave a greener footprint. 

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