Did you know that 75% of Indian households have Aluminium installations?

Top Windows and Doors Manufacturers, like us at Deltra Global, have taken the old notion of metal windows and topped it up with European and Japanese technology, precision machinery, and increased client-centered customisations to maximize the advantage of using aluminium windows and doors.

Aluminium windows today have established themselves as a stiff competitor for Timber and UPVC windows. It offers better aesthetics in its charcoal and grey hues along with a plethora of other benefits. Aluminium Doors too are admired today for their thematic looks, strength, easy maintenance, and durability. 

There is an estimated 6% year on year increase since 2013 on Aluminium windows and doors. If you’re wondering what this buzz is all about? Gear up, because we have got you covered.

In this post, Deltra Global gives you a synopsis of Aluminium Windows’ benefits

Top Benefits of Aluminium Windows & Doors:


  • Weatherproof and Rust Resistant:
    As a metal, Aluminium has fewer oxides on its surface which implies that it is better resistant to corrosion and weathering. It is also capable of thriving in high temperature and atmospheric changes. It stands up to harsh external elements.
  • Lightweight:
    Aluminium Windows’ benefits cannot exclude the fact that it is a highly durable and low-density material which does not need bulky frames to support the window or door installations. Be it either timber frames, stone or brick surrounds, these are easy to install.
  • Pocket Friendly:
    A prime advantage of using Aluminium Windows and Doors is that they do not burn a big hole in your pocket and are especially more cost-efficient for long periods of time. This is also because they are virtually maintenance-free. Simple and occasional cleaning is more than sufficient. Their durability makes them a reasonable cost installation. Good quality windows that you can get by hiring experts like Deltra Global, may also last you upwards of 25 years. 
  • Color and Design options:
    Since we are a brand that puts our client’s desires and lifestyle at the core of our working, we understand that colors and aesthetic appeal are an integral part of the choices that are made. An advantage of aluminium windows, is hence that it comes in a full range of colors- much more than UPVC or Timber. They are also designed flexible and a preferred choice of architects and installers.
  • Aluminium Windows’ Benefits include the fact that it allows a gargantuan amount of natural light into the room. Since it accommodates thin frames, it can be used to create strong and elegant windows for superior ventilation.
  • The advantage of Aluminium Windows and Doors is also that it is a conscious choice. They are energy efficient, eco friendly, and highly recyclable especially when the performing glass is chosen wisely.
  • Security and Other Features:
    It is quite common for clients to put safety and security provisions on the top of their list. Aluminium installations check this box as their superior strength gets amplified by their robustness. Sliding features, good locking systems, and double glazing can easily be implemented on Aluminium Windows and Doors which makes them a good choice for homes as well as commercial buildings.
  • These windows and doors can be painted and repainted upon in a variety of colours. They are also thermally and acoustically insulated for greater efficiency. 


To put things into perspective, we at Deltra Global believe that aluminium windows and doors are here to stay. Our founder RV Kannan, opines that

“The advantage of using aluminium doors and windows is that they are firstly, maintenance-free. In addition to this, they are strong, durable, and highly corrosion-resistant. They are perfect solutions for modern homes.”

As a top Aluminium windows manufacturer in Hyderabad, we are specific about having no gaps, even more than other suppliers. This means that our windows require a lower amount of sealant and filler around the frame. Our company backs this all up with an experienced team ensured to give you the lifestyle of your dreams.


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