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Effortlessly Clean Your Aluminium Doors and Windows | Deltraglobal
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Are you concerned about how to clean your Aluminium door or window? Worry no more!

Our powder-coated Pre-engineered Aluminium Doors and Windows require no or low maintenance! Adding to their robust nature, Deltra Global has introduced TOSTEM Aluminium Systems which has a Special Protective Coating for higher life and luster. Read more to find out the magic secret behind the long-lasting nature of our Aluminium Doors and Windows.

Aluminum doors and Aluminium windows are known for their durability and robustness. Today they are extensively used across the world by every builder or architect because compared to other materials Aluminium has more corrosion-resistant qualities.

At Deltra Global, we provide a range of Aluminium doors and windows with high quality and care according to the clients’ needs in mind.

Collaborating with Industry Experts, today we are the best Aluminium doors and windows in Hyderabad with the highest attention and quality in order to achieve extended durability. We’ll look at what powder coating is and why it’s used on windows and doors in the sections below and continue how we provide even more quality material, with the magic of special coating.

What is powder coating, and how is it applied?

Powder coating is simply the application of a layer of polyester powder in a variety of colors, textures, and hues. When the window is in its last stages of production, this Polyester powder is applied. This layer is similar to paint, except it is dry.

Aluminum extrusions go through many treatments before being powder treated, according to the procedure. It is placed in a dedicated chamber where Aluminium extrusions are affixed through an electrical charge and then the powder is sprayed on them.

These bars are dried in an oven or by using heaters. This electrical charge aids in the permanent attachment of the polyester powder.

Why do powder coats help on aluminium doors and windows?

Powder coating is mostly applied to aluminium extrusions, which helps fully manufactured windows in two ways:

  • To provide a surface layer for the window and allows for the application of the ideal color.
  • To give the aluminium windows a shinier appearance, appealing and emphasizing their modern design.

There are about two hundred hues available in this powder coating, ranging from dark to light along with a unique coating labeled wood effect window that imitates the appearance of wood.

How does the Coating help in Cleaning or Maintaining your Aluminium door or window?

  • This powder coating helps your aluminium door or window to remain corrosion resistant which is very important.
  • Due to these coating doors and windows can be installed in any part of the world even at different weather seasons and places with higher salt content or moisture.
  • Mainly, this allows the Aluminium door or window to stay healthy with less maintenance for at least twenty years.
  • It also helps to have multi-color doors and windows complementing various designs in your home.
  • This coating does not let the aluminium crack or tear for a very long time even in extreme heat.
  • Aluminium doors and windows are also powder-coated to protect the windows from various bugs like termites etc.


Associated with the Industry Leader, TOSTEM a Japanese company for system Aluminium Doors and Windows, we have got the privilege to add a new premium coating to the robust nature of Aluminium with the patented TEXGUARD System.

TEXGUARD is an additional clear synthetic resin paint deposited over the anodized surface which alters the molecular structure of the surface paint and protects the surface against heat, light, and water for years ahead with an expectancy of at least 40years.

Benefits of TEXGUARD for Maximizing the strength and beauty of aluminium

  • COLOUR RETENTION – TEXGUARD protects the aluminium surface against harsh environmental conditions, making the color of your doors and windows stay long for at least 40 years.
  • INCREASED HARDNESS – Dense Coating of TEXGUARD improves hardness and provides scratch resistance for your Aluminium doors and windows surface.
  • EASE OF COATING – Dust and Dirt accumulation resistance quality of TEXGUARD makes the task of cleaning aluminium windows and door frames effortlessly with a soft cloth.


Avoid cleaning aluminium windows with ammonia, baking soda, or tri-sodium phosphate as they will discolor and harm the aluminium. Our Powder coated aluminium doors and windows are unique and special from other metals, for their flexibility and agility. This brings a new look with its own strength and durability, making your home shine.

To Maximize the Strength and Durability of Aluminium, Our TEXGUARD Coated Windows and Doors give a high level of protection, alongside showing the beautiful appearance of natural aluminium.

At Deltra global, we provide the best aluminium windows and doors from Industry Expert TOSTEM, offering a wide range of color variations, which allow you to enjoy the lifelong beauty of your home at affordable pricing, adding happiness to your lifestyle.

Get an Ideal Choice for your today with quick and hassle-free installation from us, delivering the best service at your doorstep from Deltra Global.

Contact us today at 91-9704737775 or mail us at for ultra-modern doors and windows in Hyderabad.

Visit for more information.

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