Our endeavour, at Deltra Global, is to bring the most sophisticated UPVC and Aluminium profiles from Europe and Japan into the comfort of our client’s space. This is the foundation of our collaboration with Aluplast

Aluplast is a global leader in uPVC windows and doors systems. Being the top windows and doors manufacturer in Hyderabad and Bangalore, we strive to bring Aluplast’s brilliant German technology into the comfort of your home.  

The products of the brand are in sync with our ideology of elevating the lifestyle of our customers’ by providing fenestration solutions that bring comfort, style and safety into their space. It boasts of some excellent features like multi sliding window systems that come with safe and environmentally friendly installations of top quality. 

Top 9 Thinsg About Aluplast UPVC

In order to help our clients’ make an informed choice and stay anchored in the world of many options, we have put together a ‘Things to Know’ list for Aluplast- 

  • Aluplast windows are safe, sturdy, and elegant. They are made from uPVC whose special chemical formula fights against harsh UV radiations thereby increasing the life of the window.
  • Once you have installed them, you do not have to worry much about the safety. These windows are hard to break or dismantle and thus they provide excellent burglary resistance
  • They are weather resistant, maintenance free, high sound insulated, highly secured, termite free, thermal efficiency insulated ( thermally efficient), fire retardant, highly water tight (prevents rain water ingress)  and supremely wind resistant (designed to handle higher wind loads).
  • They can be fabricated in various shapes, sizes, and styles to best match the needs of your space. They also offer excellent sound proofing for the buildings located in noisy areas or wherever noise-proof interiors are required.
  • Aluplast comes with a built-in tropical compound which helps to keep the colour of the window stable and increase its protection. It is also lead free and recyclable. 
  • In case of fire’s these windows have a self-extinguishing ability thus making it a perfect fit for family homes. 
  • Aluplast offers highly flexible and customizable UPVC window services to suit the client’s taste and requirements. From laminating, glazing, painting to even maintaining these windows, the options are abundant.
  • Aluplast is tested and certified internationally by institutes like ift Rosenheim, SKZ and RAL. It is perfected to the European Union Quality Standards EN 12608. 
  • Aluplast has a three-fold promise:
  1. Warmer Windows
  2. Greener Windows
  3. Safer Windows

In our experience, we believe that a collaboration with a brand that reeks of quality and integrity is a premium feature that our clients can avail. You can check Aluplast’s range of products on our website.

Final Words:

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