In this growing world, there are numerous metals from which windows can be manufactured and have their own unique quality and features in respect of strength and durability. Having said that, every material cannot be used in every region of the country due to different weather conditions.

Thus, presenting aluminum windows that are used widely around the globe and has never failed to impress us with their strength and reliability. Due to its unique metal, there are various advantages in installing this in our houses. Though they are lightweight when compared with some metals, they are one of the strongest metals we have come across with.

Aluminum windows are one of the highly recommended metals by builders. They also recommend going with Deltra Global without a second thought, as we have proved to be one of the best manufacturers of aluminum windows in hyderabad to date. There are many types of aluminum windows of which we shall mention some of them in this article. Stay tuned to know more.

Types Of Aluminum Windows

#1 Aluminum casement windows

Aluminum casement windows are available in a range of our interests and with the variety of colors of our favorite choice. These windows are versatile and high-performing and are available in numerous designs. They also provide excellent noise insulation and beat resistance.

#2 Aluminum ventilators

These types of aluminum ventilators are used mainly in hospitals, hotels, and colleges. These types of windows are mainly used in smaller rooms for air circulation. They come in different sizes and colors and also with international standards.

#3 Aluminum villa windows

If we want to enhance the beauty of our houses then aluminum villa windows are the ones to be installed. They come with fancy designs and also a mesh that can protect you from mosquitos. They let in a cool breeze and can work effortlessly.

#4 Aluminum sliding windows

Aluminum sliding windows provide a magnificent view with their enormous glass doors. They are one of the highly suitable windows for every house. They require very little space to be installed. Hence, it can also be called a space saver.

#5 Aluminum tilt windows

The suitable designs help a wide range of applications. Their unique design allows the user to use it on two axes: when ventilation is required we can tilt the window and when required it can be used as a casement window.

They not only multitask but are very easy to clean and are thermally efficient.

#6 Aluminum fixed windows

These types of windows are generally used in rooms where we need sunlight for every time of the day such as libraries, hospitals, etc. They do not tilt or open inwards or outwards. As the name itself suggests, they are fixed to the wall to let the sunlight in and for noise insulation purposes.


Every type of aluminum window is uniquely featured in its own way. We at Deltra Global manufacture every type of window keeping the requirement of the client in mind. We provide every type of window for your every purpose. Then what are you waiting for? Call us today.