Aluminium windows are increasingly becoming a ubiquitous choice for home-owners. There are several advantages to picking aluminium windows over its counterparts and the possibilities with customisations are endless!

At Deltra Global, we have always looked to provide global standard aluminium profiles to our clients. Through our efforts, several clients have adapted to the aluminium way of life and have elevated their lifestyle.

In this blog, we will give you a peek into aluminium windows and its types… 

Most aluminium window providers might focus just on the residential and commercial applications. However, at Deltra we have provided aluminium fenestrations to all kinds of clients in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Types of Aluminium windows that we provide have every possible solution catered for. 

Types of Aluminium Windows

Aside from the common fixed and opening windows, we have a choice of several modern styles. We take factors into account like the width of the spans in which the window or door will be placed, the available interior space (space boundaries, presence of furniture etc.) and the required performance regarding air and water tightness, thermal insulation, sound insulation and security before suggesting a window type. Through these considerations, we have options that range from single or multiple panel windows, curved on plan, curved frames, gable, apex and corner windows.

Take Casement windows for instance. Aluminium casement windows provide excellent levels of thermal insulation, sound insulation and tightness against air and water.

On the other hand, aluminium tilt and turn windows have a unique design that allows the window to open on two axes. It tilts when ventilation is needed and turns to work like a casement window otherwise.

Bi fold Aluminium windows offer greater access to the outer areas of a space. They open up to one side and provide an undisturbed space between the frames.

Sliding Aluminium windows are the most common and convenient window types. They help save space and also give the room a modern and functional feel. 

We, at Deltra, vouch for Aluminium TOSTEM windows. These windows are true works of art that accentuate the aesthetics of the building facades and become furnishing elements inside your space. The look and feel of these windows draw deep inspiration from global architecture. Although they are more widely used in villas, flats and individual houses, they find themselves to be a perfect fit even for commercial installations. Such is the degree of their design flexibility and their colour options. 

Aluminium windows encapsulate a classic style that’s perfect for any type of architectural layout. Types of aluminium window styles have evolved, offering box windows, frameless glass products and bifolding windows too.

In general though, a window is limited only by the capabilities of its frame, opening elements and the size of the glass. And with evolving technology, various permutations on these constraints are made to design newer and more innovative windows

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