Aluminium frames are extremely popular owing to their versatility and strength. They have been used in panels and frames of construction for a long time now and modern technology has transformed them into a leading choice for windows and doors frames. These frames are made using an extrusion process wherein the pre-heated aluminium alloy is passed through a die to create an aluminium profile. These profiles are then combined into a frame. The frame then created has many unique characteristics. 

Deltra Global, being one of the best Aluminium Windows and Doors manufacturers in Hyderabad, brings to you a guide on Why and Where to use Aluminium window frames.  

Why are Aluminium Window Frames preferred?

A prime benefit of Aluminium window frames is that they do not burn a big hole in your pocket and are especially more cost-efficient for long periods of time. This is also because they are virtually maintenance-free. Simple and occasional cleaning is more than sufficient. Their durability makes them a reasonable cost installation. As a metal, Aluminium has fewer oxides on its surface which implies that it is better resistant to corrosion and weathering. They are also energy efficient, eco friendly and highly recyclable especially when the performing glass is chosen wisely. 

Where to use Aluminium Window Frames?

The best places to use aluminium windows frame are as follows—

  1. Tilt Up windows: these are perfect for kitchen windows and bathroom outlets. Wide sheets of glass can be used with aluminium frames to create a tilt up facade as well.
  2. Guillotine frames: These may be wooden structures fitted with an aluminium frame to give it a traditional look. These enhance the aesthetic of your space and shut tightly as well. 
  3. Pivoting windows: these are the kind of windows that open up on the side. This helps to have a durable structure while maximising ventilation space as well.
  4. Sliding frames: These frames will help reduce the space occupied and ensure a well fitted separator or shutter with a sliding mechanism. These are extremely popular in modern houses. 
  5. Swing Stop Windows: this is a versatile type of installation which you can either open fully or partially depending on your requirement. Aluminium frames complement this installation as it displays adequate structural behaviour. 

Final Words:

If you have reached this far, we appreciate your interest in Aluminium Window frames. We wish to bring you the convenience of this material with attention grabbing contemporary designs and state of the art European and Japanese technology. We would love to get in touch with you regarding the same and continue our client-oriented engagement. 

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