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We, at Deltra Global are an established and top aluminium windows and doors manufacturer in Hyderabad. We offer a myriad and wide range of colourful finishes and chic styles in aluminium windows for our clients. 

We are at the forefront of creating aesthetic and sustainable windows which can be customised to enhance the lifestyle of our customers. 

All our installations are designed to be durable, virtually maintenance free and timeless! We have the best technology at our disposal and are experts for all windows and doors solutions.

In this post, we wish to give you a deep dive into the world of aluminium windows manufacturers.

Best Aluminium Windows and Doors Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Aluminium windows have been extensively used for the last 50 years. However, the technicians in our team have experimented with the latest trends and adopted up and coming European and Japanese technologies  to meet the demands of architects and interior designers around the world

As a result, our window installations have a contemporary and modern look leading us in contention to be the best aluminium windows manufacturers in Hyderabad. 


Before you decide to choose a window for your home, as aluminium windows manufacturers, we bring to you a few factoids that you must know to make the best choice-

  • Aluminium windows are significantly cheaper when compared to other window frames. They have the much sought after ‘low maintenance cost’ feature.
  • The maintenance is as simple as running a damp rag over your windows to remove the dust.
  • They can last upto 30 years. If you choose a quality manufacturer, aluminium degradation can be easily handled.
  • They do not need painting and they generally do not corrode or rust as they are highly resistant to external elements.
  • Aluminium windows are either powder coated or anodised for protection. This layer serves a dual purpose of allowing us to customize your window with more colours than what a UPVC option may allow.
  • Aluminium in itself as a material has a relatively high strength to weight ratio which implies that your windows will be hard to physically damage or dent.
  • Since aluminium is stable, advents in thermal technology can make your windows highly thermal efficient. 
  • Using glass as a design incorporator can make it even more flexible to your lifestyle. Furthermore, upon choosing a suitable glazing mechanism, we can help you achieve increased acoustic insulation!
  • Multi-point locking systems and additional security features can be implemented easily into aluminium windows.
  • Being a top aluminium windows manufacturer in Hyderabad, we would also recommend you to choose aluminium as it has a high recycling rate and is environmentally conscious.
  • Generally, the extrusions used with aluminium windows may be flimsy and of low quality. However, we at Deltra Global have taken the best that European and Japanese technologies have to offer and nipped this problem in the bud. We use high quality extrusions while maintaining a comfortable pricing range.



Are Aluminium Windows better than UPVC?

Aluminium windows are more durable and resistant to climate damage and are better suited for homes and larger commercial buildings than UPVC. Also, once a color is chosen for UPVC it cannot be changed whereas Aluminium comes with many color shades as well.

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Can Aluminium windows be painted?


Yes, Aluminium windows can definitely be painted. They come with a variety of shades and glazings to choose from. Since they are powder coated or anodised, an additional layer exists between the metal and the paint.

Can Aluminium windows be triple glazed?

Yes, they can be triple glazed. In fact, triple glazing also reduces condensation potential. The surface of the glass inside a triple glazed window makes it much warmer and convenient for our tropical climate.

Are Aluminium Windows used for kitchens?


Yes, they are used in kitchens as well as they have fire resisting properties. You can choose a glazing of your choice and even get sliding Aluminium windows for your kitchen if that is your preference.

What are powder coated Aluminium windows?

These are windows that contain metal that has been electrostatically coated for either protective or decorative reasons. The presence of this powder coating makes it easier to paint the windows as well.

How are Aluminium windows made?

To make the joinery, the metal is smelted first. It is then poured into moulds and then cut to size. At this point, it is powder coated and fitted with glass.

Are Aluminium windows worth it?

Yes, Aluminium windows are worth every penny as they provide an array of advantages which include increased durability, scratch resistance, rust proofing, energy efficiency and light weight.  Further, they can also be recycled.

Are Aluminium windows safe?

Yes, these windows (when made by Top Aluminium Windows and Doors Manufacturers like Deltra Global) will not only be crack and rust resistant but also fireproof. It has a sleek powder finish as well to ensure a protective coating of the metal.

Can Aluminium windows be repainted?

Yes, Aluminium joinery can certainly be repainted by giving enough attention to the preparation, materials, equipment, painting conditions and technique used.

Aluminium windows provider near me?

In Hyderabad, Deltra Global has managed to establish itself as a top Aluminium Windows Manufacturer. You can check us out on


In  summation to the general queries, we would like to reiterate that unlike most other available options like timber and UPVC, Aluminium stands out as a domestic and commercial windows choice. 

This is primarily because over a period of time, it is observed that Aluminium windows are significantly cheaper. They also have a long lasting nature and have simple maintenance efforts in its requisites. It is significantly stronger than its peers and since there is no upkeep, it is also a much more client preferred option.

The designs can range from minimal to painted according to the sway of your lifestyle. Be it either casement, turn and tilt, sliding, multi sliding or any kind that you may desire- the promise of quality installation and customisations per your choice are guaranteed.

Aluminium is used in nearly 75% of home installations. Deltra Global, wishes to bring you the convenience of this material with attention grabbing contemporary designs and state of the art Japanese and European technology. 

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