Innovation in the modern era has always fascinated us. As the world grows new things are being invented to achieve a smoother way to lead life. Speaking about smoother things, aluminum sliding doors are one of a kind.

Doors are the way to enter our dream houses and taking chances of installing low-quality doors is unacceptable. Equal importance must be given while choosing the doors just like the other parts of the house. 

The doors should pass all the tests in terms of security, quality, easy to use, durability, etc. Taking all into consideration, Deltra global has been manufacturing aluminum sliding doors which are ranked as one of the best doors to date. For seven long years, Deltra global has been making its best quality doors in the country.

In the following below we shall find out why we need sliding doors for our houses. Stay tuned.

Top 5 Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors


1. Space Saver

Aluminum Sliding doors move from side to side which makes even a small room bigger and sufficient compared to other rooms with common doors. Due to their unique design, these doors can be used as a partition of two walls and has a small conference room too. This not only provides a big space but also saves a lot of money.

2. Energy Efficient

These aluminum doors with their unique properties have the ability to prevent the heat from escaping in winter and do not allow heat to enter the room in summer. Thus, this is making it energy efficient in all the weather seasons. This also helps to reduce artificial lighting as 95% of the door is covered in glass.

3. Better View

Are you bored, without having to enjoy the scenic view of your garden or outside world? We at Deltra Global have a solution for your problem. Aluminum sliding doors, yes you heard it right. These doors have wider glass enabling us to have a perfectly open view of the outside world without having to step out.

4. Superior Strength

Aluminum sliding doors have been used for a very long time as it is mainly known for its strength. Due to its special manufacturing process, this material can withstand huge amounts of stress at any time of the year irrespective of any weather condition.

5. Durability

Compared to other metals’ aluminum is known as the strongest and flexible metal. They are corrosion resistant hence can be installed even at higher humidity places. They do not tear or break easily and perform well in an inhospitable environment. It also helps to prevent fire from spreading to another part of the house.


In short, choosing aluminum sliding doors can be much more efficient in every factor than any other metal door. Considering all the above points, Deltra Global manufactures the most designable as required. 

We at Deltra Global have always believed in safety and quality and have tried our best to satisfy our customer needs at a very low cost. Let us help you too to achieve your dream house. Call us today at +91-7702611088  or mail us at