India is a vast country having 17.7% of the world’s population and one of the most diverse countries in the world. India also has a wide range of weather conditions compared to other countries. The climate in the southern part of India is a bit hot and humid than the Northern parts of India where it’s a bit cold and dry. 

The average temperature of the country is 25° Celsius.  It’s also the wettest place on earth, having the highest rainfall in the world. 

Now one must be wondering, what is the right material to be used in the construction of homes and offices for this kind of weather to make the construction stand strong and last long? 

Well, we have the solution. For many years we have been using aluminium in our building construction which not only assures perfection in buildings but guarantees lifetime safety against these changing climates.

Top 4 Reasons why aluminium is suited for all the weather seasons in India:


#1 Resistant to corrosion

As said earlier, India having the highest rainfall in the world can lead to corrosion of metals due to contact with water for the whole year. But when aluminium is used during the construction we can save our construction from corrosion. Aluminium has a protective layer that can save the core from any weather conditions.

#2 Strong and lightweight 

During the monsoon season many regions of India experience heavy rainfall and wind. These high-speed winds can cause serious damages to the windows and doors of the building. Using aluminium in the construction one need not worry at all. Due to its high tensile strength and unique metal features, aluminium is both ductile and malleable.

#3 Reflects heat

As some of the states of India lie around the equator it’s quite hot and dry in most of the seasons. Surviving in this type of season is very difficult. Therefore, including aluminum can reduce the heat received by the sun. The foils reflect light instead of absorbing it making them perfect for insulation. 

#4 Warm in winter

As aluminium does not allow heat to pass, this is the right material to be used in winter seasons in India. This aluminium is not only used for construction but also in packing food materials which helps the food to remain warm for a longer period. Surviving in the winter season in India is not difficult anymore due to aluminium sheets used during construction.

Final Words: 

Whether it is hot, cold, rainy, or any other seasons in India, aluminium is the best material that is used widely. Windows and Doors benefit heavily from the benefits of Aluminium. Aluminium windows and doors have slowly crept their way into contemporary designs and modern choices of today’s architects. This magic material can cope up with any extreme weather conditions that we can face in this region. Getting the right aluminium material can make your living much more comfortable and suitable in these weather conditions of India.

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