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All you need to know to pick the perfect modern windows for your home

We have all enjoyed magnificent views during the monsoon, sitting inside our homes, and watching the rain through our windows. They are part of our childhood memories.

Windows are like ships floating in our homes. They carry us through storms and bring us warmth when we need it most.

Modern windows not only have the power to improve your home’s curb appeal, they can also transform the way you feel living inside it, bringing back those cozy memories.

Whether you want to create a totally modern look, or just give your traditional home a bit of an update, we are here to help you get the perfect modern windows for your home.

Think style of Window

When designing your beautiful home, consider a window that is aesthetically pleasing along with excellent functionality.

Less Is More:

Modern windows have thinner frames, which maximize the glass, bringing in light and emphasizing views. Here are some other factors that can contribute to creating a modern look:


Create your own modern look:

From Sliding, Casement, and Awning to Slit and Sash windows, our go-to modern window styles help you decide to create a modern look. But don’t feel limited to only these styles. Any window can be made to look more modern. Let us explain how…

● Skipping grilles altogether is a simple way to create a modern look.

● If your home is traditional in style, consider a modern black window with a classic twist.

● For a more minimal look, try a specified equal light pattern.

● A large window set low in a wall maximizes natural light, which can make your home feel

more modern.

● A low-set window also has the uncanny ability to expand space and put focus on

the outdoors.

● For a sleek, contemporary look, match your window’s hardware to the frame color.

5 tips to consider before you decide to choose the perfect windows.

1. Deciding Whether to Renovate or Install a New Window

2. Security and Safety Considerations

3. The overall cost involved (while not compromising quality)

4. Maintenance and life expectancy

5. Ease of Installation

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